Monday, February 11, 2013

Some WODs are Harder than Others...

...As in they leave you literally gasping for breath almost as soon as you start. Today was that WOD.

3 Rounds
30 hang power snatches (Rx was 55#, I did 35#)
30 wall balls

First let me say that snatches are not my favorite move. Second I will say that I have been struggling with getting a 10-lb. ball up to ten feet and still getting a full squat each rep, so I went down in weight today. Forget about doing the Rx--I'm nowhere near that yet!

I scaled a lot today--I scaled the rounds back to 20 reps each, and did as much weight as I could and still do the movement completely, which wasn't that much. The lightest ball I could find was 6 lb. and even with that I was completely gasping for air. At least I know I reached the right level of intensity.

The good thing about WODs like this is that you get to do better on the next one.

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