Monday, February 4, 2013

How Bad can it Be?

It can be bad. It can be, "There's no way I will finish this WOD in time for the start of the next class" bad. It can be, "4 rounds of 21 snatches? You're out of your freakin' mind!" bad. It can be, "You're making me row further than they have to run? You're kidding, right?!" bad. It can be so bad that you tell your coach that "This is not my time of day to work out," and he looks at you and says, "Really? That's a new one!" and you realize just how stupid those excuses sounded coming out of your face. Yeah. It was that bad.

Today's WOD

4 rounds for time:
run 400 m (I subbed rowing because I am trying to give my knees a rest)
21 power snatches
12 KB swings

time: 19:40 with scaling

Worst. WOD. Ever. That is all.

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