Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jillian Does CrossFit

I have always been impressed with Jillian Michaels, I won't lie. I once attempted to work through her "30 Day Shred" video. Mind you I failed, which is why I kicked it up a hundred notches and now do CrossFit where people can yell at me in person, but at least for a while it was going okay, and my husband came home and asked one day, "So how are you liking Jillian?" I said that I really liked the video and that it was going well. The kids were listening and piped right up, "But mom, you said you HATE Jillian!" I looked at them like they were crazy and said, "No I don't! When did I say that?" Their answer came without hesitation, "This morning, when you were working out!" Oh...well, I cannot be held responsible for what I say while working out.

Nevertheless, I got a chuckle out of this video today. I don't know if she was putting on to make it seem that CF is crazy business, or if she really got her butt kicked, but I'd like to think it was the latter. Well, either way I don't mind, as long as she doesn't put down CrossFit. Otherwise she'll have a lot of really strong, really fast people coming after her.

There is no doubt. CF is crazy business, and if I knew that "Angie" was going to be the WOD I just might be tempted to stay at home. I still have to function for the rest of the day, ya know? I'm just not there yet. Even so, I was feeling the pain, and thought that the WOD they did in the video was great. I'd jump into that one no problem. Except I'd have to scale the box jumps...but that's okay, I'm getting there.

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