Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas To Me!

My favorite workout buddy and me, Christmas eve
The box (CF's word for "gym") had holiday hours today and will again on the 26th. Since there were only two hours of classes, I knew it would be packed. I don't mind a full class, but when it's really crowded, I tend to feel distracted and unable to focus on the skills. I was feeling this kind of anxious tension last night between not wanting to go to the box and my deep desire to stay committed to my workout routine. Here's a funny thing about me--when I feel anxious or stressed about something coming the next day, I have a tendency to get "sick." I noticed last night that my throat was getting scratchy, I felt like I was coming down with "something" and I was sure I was going to be ill when I got up today. Then I made a decision--I would write my own WOD and work out at home! Suddenly I was all better and so excited about my decision I couldn't fall asleep. I am such a child.
Today's WOD at home

So the Merry Christmas to me part was that I had a workout buddy. My son and I did the WOD together, which totally motivated me to not go easy on myself and really push to keep up with him, which is not easy to do. He beat me by one full round, if you must know.

I thought about it this way--I just tried to replicate the warm-up like we do at the box, but it may have been a little short. It seems to me we usually have two "x2" bits in the warmup. The WOD was was the date, and I just tried to choose strength skills that would work the whole body. Our kettle bells are not as heavy as at the box, so I added plenty of reps, and be sure, by the fifth round, 15 lbs was feeling like a ton. I also did skill work with my jump rope and did 100 reps of single-unders and then tried to achieve some double-unders. I succeeded in getting 10 double-unders, though not all in succession. They came mostly in twos, but this is very exciting progress! I look forward to the day when I don't have to triple my number of reps as punishment!

My goal this week is to still get in at least three workouts, and at least one of those will be at the box, when regular hours resume.

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