Friday, March 20, 2015

Whole30 Day 5: The Sand in the Hourglass

Today is the first day I felt like I was missing out... The first day that I thought, "Oh, 25 more days feels like forever." And tomorrow I face more of the same. I will go to the box to participate in the CrossFit Open WOD 15.4, and afterwards everyone will have a beer and some yummy snack that won't be on plan. I am determined to be totally okay with this situation.

This morning I sat with two friends at tea. I took hard-boiled eggs with me so as not to be hungry while they sat and ate coffee cake and something like Indian donut-holes that smelled wonderful. All of it clean, or nearly. Certainly not bad stuff as these girls know how to cook real food, and have become quite adept at making food that reminds you of the good old days but actually tastes much, much better. In fact, it's kind of a new paradigm. The bad stuff doesn't appeal to me anymore, but who can resist a perfectly clean piece of coffee cake made with palm sugar or honey? Ugh.

Then this afternoon some friends came over and watched Henry V with us as part of their Shakespeare unit in literature. It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon, but we made popcorn for the kids and it smelled so wonderful, and I couldn't eat a bite of it.

I griped a little about it, and as soon as I did, my friend who is currently on the autoimmune protocol (AIP), which is even more limiting than Whole30, offered a bag of something absolutely amazing...Jackson's Honest sweet potato chips with nothing other than coconut oil and sea salt!

I was tired, cranky, and a tad bitter that I couldn't have anything everyone else was having. I'm not sure if it was "legal" on a psychological level, but anyway, it saved the day.

I jumped online and bought a case for myself the minute they left.

Also today I hit a bit of the moody, tired, feeling that I was hoping to sidestep. It wasn't severe. It just felt like a dreary day all the way around.

In other news, I did officially ditch the scale. Hid it in the back of my closet. I may decide to check it again at the end, but for now, it's off plan. I will still have a smoothie after my WOD tomorrow.

Today's Log, Day 5: (believe me, there is nothing to be excited about on this one)

B - BP coffee, 2 hard boiled eggs
L - leftover steak. no time to prep veggies
S - sweet potato chips and a legal cherry pie LARA bar. I can say that I was unprepared for how much I would need something just a bit sweet. That fit the bill perfectly.
D - leftover artichoke chicken, salad, 1/2 sweet potato

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