Sunday, March 22, 2015

Whole30 Day 6-7: Throwing Down wi' my Peeps! (CFW Open 15.4)

My favorite day of the CrossFit week is Saturday mornings. I try never to miss a Saturday. Today (and every Saturday during the CF open season) we did Open WOD 15.4, scaled and Rx. My kids did the kids' competition, and I participated in the scaled division. The best thing about Saturdays is the people. You get to see everyone, and people aren't in a big rush to get somewhere else, so they hang out and chat. My closest friends are here, and this is the place where I have measured significant physical changes in my health. It means the world to me.. 


Go Molly!

Push Press, not even sweating. yet.
Got home and prepped dinner tonight. Normally on Saturday evenings we have gluten free pizza and a movie, but since that wasn't an option for us, we decided to go with totally legit, paleo chicken wings, complete with homemade dressing. The next best thing.

I find it very helpful to have a vac-seal machine that can speed up the marinating process.
We've been using Tessamae's for a while. They put nothing offensive in their sauces!
Dinner is served

Saturday, Day 6 
B - BP Coffee, Smoothie
S - Larabar
L - Salad with ham, eggs, avocados, tomatoes, cukes, dressing
D - Chicken wings

WOD - 15.4

Sunday, Day 7 
B - BP Coffee, smoothie
L - leftover chicken wings
S - Almonds
D - Salad 

WOD - rest day

Really feeling the strong desire for something sweet. ugh.

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