Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fight Gone Bad

Today is Wednesday--the last WOD I did was 1 week ago. I came down with a really nasty cold on Thursday and have been feeling pretty lousy until today. I had thought that Monday I would be able to work out, but the coughing phase of the cold set in and I thought better of it. Today, I felt nearly back to normal, and hopefully the workout will blast it out of me.

Today's WOD was "Fight Gone Bad." (I really wonder where they come up with the names for these workouts.) Even so, I loved this one! I find that I like the WODs that move fast through several different movements, and this is definitely like that. The score was based on the total number of reps / calories in three five-minute rounds, one minute of each:

wall balls
sumo dead-lift high pulls (SDHP)
push press
box jumps

I know what you're going to say, but I don't know what my score was. I knew I would not probably go all-out today because I wanted to gauge my health factor as I worked out, and did not want to stir up a serious wheezing / coughing episode. I made it my goal to get at least ten reps per movement each round. On average I was able to do more than that, and I was definitely wiped out at the end, in a good way. I think by Friday I will be fully back in the game.

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