Monday, December 10, 2012


Today made up for Friday. Friday was awful. I hated my jump rope. I cried when I got home.

Today I came home ready to sign up for CF games. Well, not really, but I felt as though this was the best WOD I've done yet. I hung in there the whole time, gasping for breath, dying for water, but I crushed it! Today the voice in my head was not Justin yelling "rep it out, Kelly," but it was my own saying, "Don't you dare give up!"

First we learned a hang-snatch, which was a very new skill for me. I did not find the movement to be natural or enjoyable, but I got a few good reps in. We worked for a 5 rep max on the hang snatch and I was able to do 5 successfully with 45#. I tried 50# but couldn't quite get under the bar.

The WOD was 8 minutes AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible) of 1 KBS (KB = Kettlebell swing), 1 burpee, 2 KBS, 2 burpees, 3 KBS, 3 burpees, etc. in 8 minutes. I was able to work up to a total of 9 KBS / burpees in 8 minutes for a total of 45 each. I felt wasted, but great at the end which is exactly how I was supposed to feel. It was a great start to my day.

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