Friday, November 30, 2012

Is it Weird...?

That I'm dreaming about CrossFit? Last night I checked the CrossFit Woodbridge blog to see the WOD for the day and I noticed that a "front squat" was involved. I went to YouTube to see some videos on how to do a front squat. I feel less assaulted if I know what is coming the following day, and if I have some foreknowledge of the movement I feel just a little less dorky talking to the coaches and other athletes. I mean, I'm starting to understand that a "power clean" is not a deep cleaning of the entire house, but a hang clean? What, underwear and sheets on a clothesline? No. Both have to do with "violent hip extension" when moving the bar, loaded with weights up into the "rack" position. I have to admit that I was the jr. high girl in the back of the class giggling at my friend across the room when the coach said that with a very serious face as he demonstrated the move. Anyway, after getting the bar into the rack position we were supposed to do a front squat. I studied the move last night, and today when I arrived at class I was ready, baby.

Last night I dreamed I was doing a perfect squat, as low as I could possibly go, perfectly balanced, weight on my heels, head neutral, back straight, and I was in the middle of the box calling to everyone, "Hey, Look! I'm doing it! I'm squatting! I got it!" When I got up this morning I felt sure I was suddenly as flexible as a two-year-old and tried to execute the perfect squat. Alas, it was not as I had dreamed.

Anyway, I enjoyed the WOD today. I feel as if the "power clean" clicked a bit for me and I am starting to understand the sequence of moves needed. I am beginning to actually kind of enjoy lifting!

Today's WOD:
7 rounds of:
1 power clean, 1 hang clean, 1 front squat (all in a row without dropping the bar) I lifted 55#
25 double unders or 75 singles (jumping rope)
A double-under is when the rope passes twice beneath your feet in one jump. I can barely jump rope, so I was doing the 75 singles.
Time: 12:18 I wasn't very happy with the time, but it can only get better, right?

I was tired and sore at the end, but satisfied. I am starting to hear that voice that pushes me beyond my desire to quit. No, wait--that is Justin yelling at me, "rep it out, Kelly, rep it out." Aw, hang it!(no pun intended)--eventually the voice will be my own.

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