Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Play Like Kids

I love this explanation for why we need to do squats, and the diagram is awesome!

I have heard that if we just watch the kids and do what they do, we'll be fit in no time. My daughter, who is seven can do handstand pushups, knees to elbows, and the bear crawl  as easily as eating cake, which isn't so easy these days after giving up gluten, but I digress. I tried it last year at the beach--the kids were chasing the little ghost crabs all over the sand, trying to keep them from getting back in their little holes (the poor tortured creatures). I started copying their movements, which were surprisingly reminiscent of basketball practice in Jr. High. I was winded and wasted after about a minute, but they did this all evening until the sun went down!

Here are my little athletes. They will start going regularly to CrossFit Kids this Thursday night. They have both tried it and love it, but we waited until after Thanksgiving to sign them up so they wouldn't have to miss their first week of class.

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