Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dear Elizabeth, I have a Confession...

Oh, man, I have so far to go with this. I think for a moment that I am making progress, and then I have an epic failure that reminds me that I am (still) mortal. Everything felt hard today. I am not sure why, except that maybe over the last few days I have not eaten as clean as I should have and I am still sore from Fran, but really, I don't have a clear explanation for why today was so hard! In the warmup, it felt as if I was doing every movement in deep sand, my legs felt very heavy, and things that are getting easier for me were burning deep.

Elizabeth, like Fran, is a benchmark WOD that is 21-15-9 cleans and ring dips.
I have only done ring dips one other time, and not very many reps of them. I have done ring holds with a band before, but not actual dips. On my set of 21 I was only able to complete 16. I simply could not raise myself up one more time. On my set of 15 I made it to 13, and on the last set I made it to 6. When I say I couldn't do more, the question is couldn't or wouldn't? I'm not entirely sure--it may be a combination of the two, but at one point I did experience muscle failure when I simply could not raise myself up one more time and lock out my arms...even with the band. The bad news is I failed at ring dips. The good news is, I can only improve from here.

In preparation for the next time I have to do ring dips, I will practice doing bench dips here at home. I found this article at CrossFit One World on building a progression to ring dips. I think I may need to try this, rather than just jump in with the big dogs.

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