Monday, January 14, 2013

My First "PR"

I went in today after completely resting my knee from last week. It was a necessary thing--my left knee, which has always been a bit grumpy was extremely tender, so I took Friday off to let it heal. Today I was itching to get back to the box. I was ready for another weightlifting WOD.

1 RM OHT (overhead thrusters) - PRed with 80#
then two rounds of 5 minutes each, 2 mins. rest between of
3-round buy in
10 ring dips
15 burpees
AMRAP OHS, max weight until time

score was based on the number of overhead squats (OHS). My score, of course was 0, because I never finished the ring dips and burpees in time to get to the bar. Even so, I completed around 80 burpees today--don't know the exact number, BUT I got my first PR today!

Now I am home with the kids, ready to start school with them, so pleased that I'm walking on air.

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