Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wall Balls...Wall Balls...Wall Balls

No matter how many times you say it, it still sounds like "wall balls." There is no way to make it sound more fun than it already sounds. It is a difficult move, but the kid in me still gets excited at the fact that I am throwing a ball in the air and catching it.

Today's WOD
12 dead lifts
40 wall balls
9 dead lifts
30 wall balls
6 dead lifts
20 wall balls
3 dead lifts
10 wall balls

dead lift weight 105#
10# ball
Time: 12:45

After the WOD, Dan had us do ab work. The very thought of what he had us do makes me laugh because after that WOD it was reaching into the depths of my impossible extremely difficult! I didn't do very well, but I tried very hard. It just served to show me how much more I need to strengthen my core.

I will confess to not squatting as deeply as I should have in the wall balls. My knees and hips have been sore and stiff ever since the Laredo running WOD, but I hit the target every time, and made sincere effort to not shoulder the ball (a huge temptation) and to jump out of what squat that I did to get the ball to the target. I hit the target every time except one, and dropped once.

This week has been a good one at CF for me. On Monday I threw myself into the intensity portion of the WOD with new energy. I did the same today. I had to pause from time to time, of course, but there is this determination inside myself that has been elusive until now. Suffering as I was during the wall balls, I thought to myself, "I am so happy to be here." I can only wonder who put the kool-aid in my drink? I clearly have consumed some, though I don't know how it happened.

(p.s.) Okay, I went and watched some videos on how to do WBs well. Let's just say that I really need to work on my form, but even so, heaving ten pounds over my head 100 times to hit a ten-foot target was still exhausting.

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