Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm Not Dead Yet

I still have not figured out exactly what the heck I'm doing here. Rachel says, "Anyone want to try CrossFit? Come to bring-a-friend day!" All cheery, like it's some fun thing, and I'm all "SURE! Sounds like fun!"

Good grief. Three days a week I'm slogging through these WODs and I still hurt 80% of the time. I've never been so cray-cray about anything in my life. I'm still stunned and dazed, wondering what has become of my sanity!

6 Rounds for time
24 squats
24 pushups
24 walking lunges
run 400 meters
time: 34:36
legs / knees - needed ice immediately upon arriving home.
heart - completely full when two friends ran the last lap with me just to keep me going. amazing.

This was a killer WOD. On the 4th round I started scaling my reps some because my knees were killing me. I didn't think I could do the running if I did the full number of lunges. Even so I was still the last woman to finish, and I ran / jogged an extra lap with the last guy to finish to help him along the way some of the ladies helped me. A whole group of us ran with him, and I was amazed at this wonderful, supportive community of people. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

Today was the first time I showed up unafraid. Completely unafraid. I didn't care what the WOD was, I knew I would get there and do it, no matter how difficult. The thought of running did not intimidate me, even though it is still very tough. I just know now that I will survive, and I will be stronger for it, and with folks around who care and support, how can I lose? Last to finish? I still win.

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  1. I'm just catching up on your posts... This one brought tears!!! <3 ~JV