Monday, January 14, 2013

Smart Guy, that Lloyd...

Okay, so today's post reflected a rather confusing WOD. I know that I was a little confused. But one of our coaches revealed his purpose behind designing the workout the way he did. I have always found his coaching techniques to be very helpful--I mean, I am often overwhelmed by all the "new" movements I am encountering, but he has helped me numerous times to get past a mental block or a snag in my movements. So here is his reasoning behind today's WOD, and I have to hand it to him--it worked! I really wanted to get to that bar at least once, and I threw myself into those burpees with all I had. Good going, Coach. You nailed it.

Oh, and just so he doesn't feel left out, I have to give a shout out to Nick, who is quite good at getting me to push myself just a little bit further than I think I can go. That Turkey didn't let me do bench dips today but made me do ring dips even though I thought about having a tantrum. I figured it wasn't worth it--I was still in a good mood from my PR OHTs. I still hate ring dips. I hated him at the time. But I love him now. Thanks, Nick.

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