Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Schizophrenic CrossFit

Today was the third day in a row that I went to the box. I am really in a bit of a dilemma. I cannot go on Friday, and that means that I will be four days without a WOD at the box. I know, I know, I could do it at home on my own, and if push comes to shove I will, but it is not the same. I should take tomorrow off and let my body recover, but honestly the desire to go is overwhelming.

Even so, I am sitting here somewhat aggravated at myself. Today's WOD was a ton of dead lifts and I lifted too light. On one hand I have to consider that I lifted heavy yesterday and so I should go a little easier today, and on the other hand I am thinking, "not that easy!" I should have lifted another 20#, and as a result got the hairy eyeball from Wendy, my semi-official weight-watcher. (Not that kind of weight-watcher...I know where you're going with that.) Another friend commented that you can always step up intensity when you lift "too light" but it's better than going too heavy, which will detract from your intensity and drag down the workout. This is true, and I did move faster through my reps and had a good WOD in the end anyway.

So, I did it: 7 rounds for time

7 dead lifts (105#)
7 burpee-over-bar
10 pull-ups

score 15:04

So now I have reached the point where addiction supersedes self-discipline. What is up with this sport? It's the strangest thing I have ever encountered in my life...

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