Saturday, May 18, 2013

Family Accomplishments!

I love this picture of my son doing thrusters. Let me tell you that this kid WORKS when he does a WOD. He lifts heavy, pushes hard, and sweats. At age 11 he is doing 35 lb. thrusters, 55 lb. C&J, and can do 100+ lb deadlifts. I don't know what his actual max is because at his age they are not concerned with max weights, but with overall strength and technique. He is my best WOD buddy, and my greatest supporter. When we work out together I feel I cannot fail--the sound of his voice counting off reps strengthens me and makes me want to make him proud. We are in this together.

Today, Little Sister did not WOD because she is getting over a lingering cough, so I took Matt to CF Kids and he worked his tail off through that WOD of 40 thrusters, 40 box jumps, 40 sit ups, 40 overhead squats, and 40 burpees. While he was working out, I practiced different moves, as the box was essentially empty of classes. I worked on pull-ups, kipping, double-unders... When the WOD was over Coach Evy was helping some of the them work on their rope climbing technique. I have not yet been able to succeed in getting to the red line, so I decided to pull out a rope and give it one more shot. I got my first pull up the rope and without even knowing she had noticed, Evy came and in her very steady, calming voice talked me through the next moves. "You got this...pinch with your feet. Walk your hands up. Knees up. Pinch the rope with your feet. Walk your hands up. You're there just reach up and touch it [the 15' red line]." I heard someone from below say, "Look at Matty!" and I looked over to see him climbing to the blue 20' mark on the rope beside me!

We gave each other a huge hi-five when we came down! It was my first official rope climb, and unbeknownst to me he did it with me, and got his first 20' climb! It was a proud moment for both of us, and one I'll never forget.

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