Saturday, May 18, 2013

CrossFit Woodbridge Has New Toys!

Lately there have been complaints from the businesses that neighbor the box about us running on the driveway that loops around the building. Boo. That meant no more running WODs until we worked out a solution. Boo for many people there, but not from me, as I don't love running. It was arranged, however that we would be permitted to build our own track on the field space in front of the building. Yay! Yesterday the track was finished, complete with a Rogue infinity setup. Yay! Today we christened the track with the first all-outdoor WOD that included running. Yay! (Boo--no more hiding from the run.) We will have to get used to the setup, but I would like to say publicly that it's pretty much the bomb, and if you don't go to CrossFit Woodbridge...well we're having ALL the fun. Better get over there and get your WOD on.

Today's WOD

AMRAP in 15
400 m running
3 burpees
6 pullups
9 wall balls

score: 4 complete rounds

It was hot. I haven't run in a while, so I was extra winded.
It was grassy (everyone had grass sticking to their clothes from doing burpees).
It was hard hitting the target with the sun in your eyes (note to self--buy good sport sunglasses).
It was a  bummer getting hit in the jaw with a medicine ball due to general lack of coordination,  the sun being in my eyes (cue tweeting birds flying around my head).
It was awesome because Dan (CFW owner and friend) was so happy. That made me happy. And proud. I love our box.

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