Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Baseline Check-in

At our box, there is a baseline WOD that everyone does sooner or later. For many it is the WOD you do with a coach when you meet them and they do your intro class. For others of us who come with a friend and get obliterated on the first day, it is one that comes up in the mix from time to time. I first did this WOD a month after I started CF. It is funny to look back on that and think that I found it to be as challenging as I did. I remember it clearly--my friend Justin who is always willing to help spur a teammate on to greater accomplishments was with me all along the way, cheering and pushing me to stay with it. That time I finished in 8:22.

Today we did the WOD after 20 minutes of jerk practice. I clean-and-jerked my PR weight a second time at 95#. I did not realize that was my PR. Going in I thought it had been 90# so I admit that I feel a little disingenuous having written "PR" by my name today since I did not set a new record for myself. If I had known I would have thrown another 5# on the bar. Oh well, confession is good for the soul. Next time I'll remember my WOD book and not leave it sitting on the kitchen table.

After the weightlifting practice we did the WOD which is the following:
500 m row
40 squats
30 sit-ups
20 pushups
10 pull-ups

I did the pushups on my knees again because lately I have been struggling with pushups, and for the pull-ups I used a green band, which is a step down from the first time with this WOD. It may be time  to move to the next lighter band. (Justin happened to be there and cheer me through this one, too!)

I remember the sensation the first time I stepped off the rower and started the squats. I was shocked at how badly my legs were burning. I had to keep pausing. The sit-ups were excruciating and I had to stop and breathe, the pushups were tough.

Today I burned through every set of reps without hesitation. I was determined to beat that last time, and I did!

previous score: 8:22
today's score: 5:24

Woot! That is all.

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