Monday, April 29, 2013

Standard Fare, Always Tough, Not Always Pretty

All I can say is thank God today wasn't a benchmark WOD. After a very busy week that just kept going into the weekend, I already feel as if I need to catch my breath. I woke up "not going to CF today." I went to the closet and got dressed in my workout clothes "not going to CF today." I had my coffee and I still "wasn't going to CF today." I filled my water bottle and got my keys, kissed the kids and I still "wasn't going to CF today." I got there and the class was very full. All of the people that I love working out (except Rachel!) with were there. Many of us were still feeling pretty sleepy. We greeted each other and I started to feel a little better. Even so, I was just going to do what I could to get through this WOD. I put plates on my barbell and my friend beside me, who happens to be a level 1 CF trainer looked at my setup. She asked, "How much weight do you have on your bar?" I sheepishly told her how much--55 lbs. She all but ordered me to put another 15 on the bar, reminded that every lift should be a fight, that I would be whining that I hadn't gone heavy enough, blah, blah, blah. I rolled my eyes at her and obeyed. When I turned around, her usual long, black, wavy hair had turned to snakes and her eyes were red. I looked again and it was just Wendy. She was right.

Every lift was a struggle. I couldn't hit the 10-foot target with the stupid medicine ball and had to keep "no repping" myself. I probably looked today like I had never used a jump rope before. It was not pretty. Today I am tired and feeling weak, but I did 30 stinking clean and jerks at the weight Medusa Wendy told me to use. I'm really glad I did.

It's this way now: When I think I can't. I can. When I don't want to, I do it anyway. When I hate it, I know it will be over soon. I want to get stronger, be better, do more much, much more than I want to stay in bed. I never understood this before. I think I'm starting to get it.

Today's WOD
AMRAP in 15 minutes
5 clean and jerks (70#)
10 wall balls (8#)
15 double unders / 45 singles

score: 5 rounds + 5 C&J

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