Saturday, August 3, 2013

Girl Problems

This post is more of a weekly wrap-up because I haven't posted my WODs at all. I've been focused on writing at my other blog The Accidental Homeschooler. I am gearing up to start academic lessons with my kids in a couple of weeks (we will start in mid-August). Last year I started CF in October, so the school year was already underway, and I have to admit that it was a huge paradigm shift for me to be taking that time out of our regular routine to go and...exercise? Wow.

So this week my routine was a little off. I didn't WOD on Wednesday, so I went Monday morning, Thursday afternoon, and Friday morning. Today is Saturday, and this is my week-in-review.

Monday's WOD was tough, but great. It's been a while since I did a really good metcon workout, and so I was definitely feeling this one for a few days after:

Run 1 lap
15 dead lifts (DLs) @ 185# (scaled to 135#)
20 hand release pushups
Run 1 lap
30 DLs @ 155# (scaled to 95#)
20 HR pushups
Run 1 lap
45 DLs @ 95 (scaled to 70#)

Time: 22:25 - Soreness immediately after: 0. Soreness the next day: owwww.

Thursday afternoon was a 1RM high-bar back squat followed by Tabata ab work
I wasn't really sure how much weight I could lift in a HBBS, as I had only ever done a 1RM with a low-bar position. I jumped too quickly from what was a pretty light lift to a much heavier weight, and the result of that was one of those embarrassing female moments. Oops! I got distracted and knew I wouldn't be able to push the weight back up once I was in the squat, and so decided to drop the weight. Embarrassing situation no. 2 then ensued as my ponytail was trapped between the bar and my back. When I tried to cast the weight off, it kind of rolled down my back and took my ponytail with it, with me yelping in pain and attracting all kinds of attention from people who thought I was breaking my neck. No...nothing that dramatic...just...ugh!? What should I feel more embarrassed about, the original girl problem or the secondary girl problem? I stood up laughing and didn't have a broken neck--just a crick--so all is well.

For some helpful info on HBBS vs. LBBS, here is a good blog post to read.

Friday morning I went back and did this WOD:
5 90-second rounds / 90 seconds rest
8 handstand pushup buy-in (scaled to inclined pushups)
AMRAP power cleans @100# (scaled to 85#)
Score was lowest number of power cleans in one round - 6

Today I feel a tad sore. Okay, a little more than a tad. I feel a bit beaten up. But these days that is a welcome feeling in the sense that I know I will be stronger on the other side of it.

Here is a little encouragement from the friendly folks at CrossFit on "girl problems." Embarrassing, but true.

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