Sunday, August 25, 2013

CrossFit at Home

My favorite component of CF is not the workouts, it the fun I have doing it with other people and the relationships that are being forged in puddles of sweat. This applies even more so to my family, as we go on this fitness journey together.

"The family that sweats together, sticks together."

What? EW! That's nasty. It may be true, but I'd rather not think of the literal implication there.

Anyway, my favorite workout buddy is my son. Admittedly, he smokes me on every single workout, but he encourages me so much, and doesn't allow me to let up on my intensity or my form. Today we did a WOD together in our garage that we wrote for ourselves:
Buy in: 1 rope climb
then: 21-15-9
20" box jumps
KBS @35#

Son's time: 6:47
Mom's time: 8:26

We are slowly gathering equipment at home. We have not spent much money on exercise gear because we use the box, but our membership only allows me three classes a week. As I have progressed, I sometimes feel the need or desire to work out more than three days a week, or if I miss a day I want to have the option to have a decent workout at home. So far we have accumulated an adjustable kettle bell, some light kettle bells for the kids, my husband built us a box for box-jumps and step-ups in the same dimensions as the standard CF boxes (20x24x30), we bought a Rogue pull-up bar for my son's birthday, and my husband happened to catch the sale on 10' climbing ropes from the CrossFit games. Our rope just might have Rich Froning's sweat on it! This is very inspiring, indeed! While the standard rope climb is actually 15-20', it is good to have the rope to just keep practicing speed, agility, and skills. Two pulls gets us to the top, so for a WOD we would just double the number of rope climbs, as I can do a 15' in four pulls.

So, here's to a home box and the best WOD buddy ever!

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