Monday, August 12, 2013

Could I Love CrossFit More?

...Maybe, but at the moment it's hard to imagine. Anyone mom who reads this will understand that anything that is good for your kids receives your highest praise and devotion. Anything that makes you a better mom is something worth being committed to. Today I am basking in all of this! Here are just a few of my favorite photos from our box's first CF Kids competition.

90-second max effort ball slams
90-second max effort shuttle run
90-second max-effort tire flips. Support from brother!
more tire flips
boys shuttle run

max effort...bring out the beast!
The 5 events
I could not be more proud of the way my children threw their hearts and souls into that competition. Five WODs in one day! I am completely impressed with their strength and endurance, and I think that they surprised themselves with what they were able to do, also! All of the kids did so well, and the parents were all brimming with pride, from all I could tell. Some of them were given to cry with each new rotation. I won't mention who (Michelle) but we do understand!

The truth is that they inspired me so much, I found myself pushing extra-hard in my WOD today. It was a tough one! Here it is:

21-15-9 (Rx 65#)
SDHP (sumo deadlift high pulls)
Push press
Front squat
time: 14:28 @60#

What? 60# I wrote 55# on the board and realized as I was driving later that I added 10 to my 50! 50+10=60, does it not? Dang! I should  have just Rx'ed it! I have yet to Rx a WOD, but I'm so. stinkin'. close!

Anyway, I'm a stronger, better mom today because of CF, and my kids are stronger better kids. I could not be more grateful for what this has done for our family! Thanks CFW!

Here are some more photos from the competition:
Love seeing this effort!
Support from Coach Evy!
Goofy girl!

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