Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's Not That Bad...Yes It Is...No, It's Not

Welcome to summer in VA! It is now officially hot and humid, and the air sticks to you like a wet bathing suit when you need to pee really badly. It's a desperate feeling.

The last two days have been tough. The WODs have not made me want to rush over to CF and "do work." I don't mind a good work out, but the heat plus the intensity of these particular WODs have made me feel a little depressed. I was much less depressed, though when my friend said enthusiastically that she would be my partner for the WOD yesterday. I had never partnered with her before, but she is more experienced than I and has a way of encouraging that just got me through it! I want to be her partner every day!

50 Bench presses @body weight (hahaha! We used 65#)
every time you stop, 10 hand release pushups
50 front rack step-ups @1/2 body weight (we used 35#)
every time you stop 20 air squats
accumulate 2:00 minutes in an L-sit bar hang
every time you drop, 15 sit ups

So I came home feeling like I had been pressed through a giant clothes presser and thinking that I would wake up like Flat Stanley, but folded lengthwise in half. 50 bench presses! My husband pointed out, though, that I was still upright and walking, and said he was proud of me. When I woke this morning, I was not folded in half--I am feeling a bit sore, but nothing horrible.

Thanks Jen for helping me through that WOD--You're the best!

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