Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Coming Back Strong


So this is where I spent last week...under an umbrella on the sand in the Outer Banks, sinking into something of a jelly-like state in which I neither read, nor thought, nor made anything resembling a decision. I did very little cooking, and very little shopping except for the daily run to the grocery store, which for some reason is always kind of fun when I'm on vacation. After all it's not my usual grocery store. We drove go-carts and played mini-golf and ate food that other people had cooked. We drank wine and talked and talked and laughed with the friends that were there with us. We enjoyed watching our kids be completely carefree and goofy, fly kites, boogie board, bury each other in sand, catch crabs--that was hilarious. 

My goal was to not lose too much ground with CrossFit, but not kill myself either. I really wanted to give my body a good rest and actually experience not feeling sore for a few days. I achieved the first thing. I did rest. I did a travel WOD on Monday, and on Thursday I tried running on the beach. So much for not feeling sore! Running on the beach is different! I felt all kinds of sore in my legs! One more running / squatting type workout was done on Saturday and voila! It was vacation without becoming a slug. There's a first time for everything. 

Even so, I figured I had not done enough and was dreading going back to CrossFit on Monday. Much to my surprise, however, I felt stronger and better and actually liked doing snatches (another first!) I PR'ed the snatch at 75# and felt much better in my form. I went back yesterday and did another personal best. Yetersday's WOD was 21-15-9 deadlifts and box jumps. Normally I warm up with box jumps and then step up for most of the WOD because I feel to weak to get through the whole thing with jumps. Yesterday the Rx was for women to do 24" box jumps and men to do 30", so I set up the box at 24" and planned to do the tall step-ups. Nick said asked if I was able to jump 20" and I said yes, but not all those reps, and he said, "I think you've got 21 jumps in you." 

pause for effect. 

Different coaches affect me differently, as they all have their own style. Nick's style is to declare that I can do something (with the implication that I had better share that understanding). Funny thing is that I believe him when he makes these declarations, and invariably, I do it.

In addition to lifting heavy, I jumped all but 5 of the reps yesterday. Those five were because I was still seeing stars from the dead lifts and needed to regain my balance. I came home so pumped and so proud. The smile of pride and approval I got from my husband when I told him was an even greater reward. 

So much for being worried about not being able to work out after vacation! Maybe I should go more often. There's a thought...

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