Friday, July 5, 2013

It's All In Your Head...

So please remove it from your patootie...

Throughout the six weeks of this White Hero WOD challenge I have (as I have posted before) been struggling with rope climbs. I have felt completely silly even when doing the drills, pretty much unable to coordinate the movements or find the strength to do certain things like jump and then hang on the rope. In last Saturday's class, however, things started to click for me. I was sure that I was the only one around feeling like a failure, struggling with these skills, while everyone else around me was scurrying up the rope like lizards up walls.

Today's WOD was very good for us, as tomorrow is the final White challenge. Here it is:

3 rounds for time:
8 front squats (Rx 105, I did 85#)
1 rope climb
8 back squats (Rx 105, I did 85#)

score: 13:01

There are about 5 blog posts I could write from what I learned, observed and felt about today's class, so this may be lengthy, I'll try to be concise.

First of all, one of the top athletes (Shannon) at our box was in the 9:00 class this morning. These girls are such amazing athletes, so strong, so cool. Each one of them has an energy and a vibrance about them, and they have every reason to set themselves apart and act like CF snobs...but they do not. For me, those 85# squats were tough today. I was fully able to do them, but it took everything I had to get through 8 front squats. Shannon parked herself in front of me and cheered me through my most difficult reps, and I could not have been more grateful. It truly helped me to dig deep and find the strength that I needed.

Several girls from the White class were also there at the 9:00 WOD this morning, and we had the chance to practice a bit more and encourage each other as we prepare both physically and mentally for tomorrow.

As I looked around, it wasn't just I who was struggling to get up that rope. Somehow I had never seen it before. There were people there who are younger and stronger and still--the rope was a bully for them. We were there giving each other advice, hi-fiving each others' successes (even the small ones) and cheering for the big ones. I had been so intimidated, so self-absorbed and cranky about this whole thing that I forgot that everyone struggles from time to time, not just me. CrossFit is the perfect place to be reminded of this, and the folks there are so encouraging, you might even be reminded gently, in a good-natured way.

So here's to getting your head out of your patootie, setting aside your fears, and cheering on a teammate. Get up that rope! It's all in your head, and if it's in the wrong place, well...

Oh, and by the way...I achieved two whole rope climbs today. One before class when I was pondering the rope with the other girls, and another in the WOD. I got another 1/2 climb in during the WOD but didn't feel strong enough to continue, so I finished with walkups...Tomorrow, White Challenge final test.

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