Monday, July 22, 2013

Back Squats and Head Spins

Wow...I think this is the last day of back squats for a while. We've been working on a strength series for the past two weeks, to be concluded this week. Today was 6x6 reps @70% of the 1 RM HBBS (high bar back squat). Since I did not have that 1RM recorded in the past, I had to go with the heaviest weight I could do each time and today I worked at 115#.

Today is not my best day...I started getting a headache near the end of the WOD and was perhaps dehydrated (I was sweating profusely!) I felt a little tired and grumpy. On one of the reps I blacked out for a second and was seeing stars. I very nearly dropped the bar--scared both me and my lifting partner. It's part of the CrossFit life.

Sometimes you eat the bear,
sometimes the bear eats you.

Sometimes you eat the bear,
but end up with indigestion.

that was today.