Friday, March 1, 2013

Don't Shoot!

I am still stuck on Wednesday. Today is Friday. Yesterday was Thursday, but I feel as though it was Wednesday, perhaps even more so. On Wednesday we did the 400 m walking lunges, and I seriously hurt as badly as I did after my very first WOD, at least in my lower body. Thankfully I have full use of my arms and torso. How can you gauge that, you are asking? I mean, how do you compare pain to pain? I have a simple benchmark, and it may be TMI, but the truth is I cannot sit down on the toilet without holding on to something for support and whining in pain. My quads and hamstrings hurt that much, and this is how I felt for a week after my first CF workout.

My friend Rachel (the same one who dragged me to CF in the first place) managed to convince me that it would be better to exercise yesterday as well, or we would be even more stiff. I'm starting to doubt her logic. Even so, it was a weightlifting day, 1RM clean and jerk and this is one that I have really wanted to do again, so I went in spite of my legs. I was happy to know that I was not the only one suffering, and that everyone at the box who did Wednesday's WOD is pretty much in the same boat. Today's WOD involved 150 Wall Balls. I'm afraid I chose to stay home this time...I just couldn't face that amount of leg work on top of what I'm dealing with.

About yesterday's WOD:
1 RM clean and jerk
I PR'ed (that means obtained my personal record) at 90#! I was so happy with that. So, so pleased.

About stiff legs, specifically quads, hams and glutes, here's a little tip: bear crawling up and down the stairs takes pressure off the quads and makes taking the stairs more "bearable."

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