Monday, March 18, 2013


I never really knew what a chipper WOD was until today. Now I have experienced not just a "chipper" but a "super-chipper." The implication is that there are a list of different exercises and you have to just "chip away at them" and at the end you feel as though you've been through a wood-chipper. Yes. Yes I did. But I'm still standing. I've listed Rx (i.e. what the standard would be), and what I was able to do is in parentheses.

Today's WOD:
40 KB swings Rx 35# (20 lbs)
40 double unders (120 singles)
30 thrusters Rx 55# (35 lbs)(ugh!)
30 pull ups
20 hang power snatches Rx 55# (35 lbs)
20 goblet squats Rx 35# (20)
10 toes to bar (knee raises)
10 hand stand push ups

Time: 20:23

The part that made it a "super" chipper is that every move was to be done in an unbroken sequence. If you stopped, dropped, or fell off, there was a 3 burpee penalty. I did my share of burpees, but not an unbearable amount.

This is one of those days when I come home from a WOD feeling great about what I am doing, even if it does hurt to raise my coffee cup to my mouth. I may not be the fastest or strongest, but I am consistently getting better. I love the people I am getting to know at the box, and I love finishing just a bit faster and having the chance to cheer other people on a bit. I have come to the point that I really can't imagine what I felt like before CF...I just know it wasn't good. I look forward to the future being stronger, fitter, and even healthier. Hard WODs are just part of the process.

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