Monday, March 25, 2013

Dead Lift PR, 5-month Anniversary!

Today is my 5-month anniversary with CF. It's turning out to be a very stable relationship that I expect to become long-term.

I came home from my WOD today and told my son to guess how much weight I had dead lifted. He guessed 100#. Um, no, that would be a little he kept guessing until he got to 175 and then I informed him that it was actually 180#! "Wow, Mom. So that was basically like dead lifting Dad," was his comment! Yes, yes it was, but it was probably a little easier to hold on to the bar than it would have been to get a hold of arms and legs and...that would have just been awkward, especially for his first visit to the box.

And there is the other big news! My dear husband joined me today for my WOD. I'm sure he thinks it nearly killed him, but he's still upright and breathing, so I know he'll be okay. It was so fun having him there to suffer work out with me.

Here was the WOD:
3x3x3x3 dead lifts (goal was 3 rep max)
I got a PR at 180#

Then 5 rounds for time:
10 dead lifts
10 burpees
time: 9:30

We won't discuss which member of the household won the WOD. That would just be mean.

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