Monday, September 16, 2013

LBBS...Betcha Don't Know that Acronym

LBBS is Low Bar Back Squat. You're welcome. I know you always wondered what that Acronym stood for.

Today was a WOD from heaven for me.

5RM back squat then 2 sets of 5 @90% of 5RM
then coach-led core work

I walked in, Nick was coaching (which is always a good day), warm ups weren't hideous, and I got to lift with two of my favorite peeps at CF. That, and--painful as it is--I love coach-led ab work. Oh, and we cannot neglect the fact that Nick played COUNTRY MUSIC the whole time we were there. I might as well have been at home on my couch with a bowl of ice cream, I was so happy. Oh, and he started the ab work Tabata with "Sweet Home Alabama." I guess I'm stronger than I realized because I was not thinking at all about the plank that I was holding, but rather about singing every word to the song accurately. That was the fastest Tabata WOD I've ever done! Thanks Nick!

We discussed the difference between the high-bar and low-bar back squat. I used the low bar position today as I had very recently done a series of high bar squats. I executed a final weight of 135 pounds before running out of time. I would have liked to have lifted another round or two.

After the WOD the kids were finishing up their class, and so we hung out for a while and worked on things like butterfly pull-ups and double-unders. You know, the normal stuff.

God. Bless. CrossFit. It was a perfect day at the box. Fun WOD, good friends, country music, and butterfly pull-ups. What? Yeah. I'll get them eventually...Thanks Wendy for showing me how. You're awesome. For reals.

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