Tuesday, October 8, 2013

CrossFit on My Mind

I haven't written a lot lately about CF. Times around my house have been busy, schooling is in full swing, and the "government" has been "shut down" for over a week, forcing my husband home from work. If you don't understand why "government" and "shut down" are in quotes, you are not a real CrossFitter. No. You may be a real CrossFitter, but go read a decent news source or two.

Even so, last week I Rx'ed my first WOD. It is really important that I record that here. It went something like this:

4 rounds
21 box jumps
15 burpees
9 dead lifts, Rx 155#
12 min time cap--in remaining time, wall balls. Score is the number of wall balls completed.

I, of course, got a score of 0 since I did not complete four rounds. I completed 3 rounds + 4 dead lifts. But I did all of the dead lifts at 155# pounds. My hamstrings have not fully recovered, nearly a week later. But I did it. I've done a couple of other good WODs since then, but still I'm thinking about that Rx. I'm pleased, but there are so many other things I would like to accomplish.

I'm coming up on my 1 year anniversary at CrossFit later this month. I have come so far, but I still have body fat to shed, pull-ups to achieve (I still cannot do a full strict pull-up or an unassisted kipping pull-up), and miles to run. When I started, I said I was going to give CrossFit one year. At the end of it I would evaluate and see if I would continue. Since that time I have come so far in my physical strength, stamina, nutrition, and overall sense of well-being that I cannot actually imagine life without CF. We have started slowly putting together equipment in our garage, turning it into a mini home-box. We have a Rogue pull-up bar, a box, a rope, and bands for assisted pull-ups. My husband has gradually adopted more and more of CF's techniques and could be called a bona fide CrossFitter, though he doesn't do Olympic lifting due to previous shoulder injuries. That said, one year later, I could not consider quitting.

This month is decision time. Do I up my membership at the box or stay where I am? What to do, what to do?

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